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Before you log into your virtual coaching session:
⦁Work at least 4 hours each school day / 20 hours per week.
⦁Review the Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) from your last meeting with your teacher
⦁Review your progress made on all Florida Learning Virtual School content courses 
⦁Determine any questions or concerns around your Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)
During your virtual coaching session:
⦁Be on time for your coaching session and allow about 30-45 minutes for your meeting 
⦁Have your Personalized Learning Plan
⦁Bring any materials or assignments that you need during the coaching session
Be able to:
⦁Review assignments submitted through Buzz, learning management system
⦁Summarize what you have learned through your courses
⦁Answer the questions your teacher asks about the material 
⦁Ask questions to show you are engaged in the topic
⦁Inform your teacher if any courses are too easy or too difficult for you so she/he can offer support for a different lesson or intervention virtual course. 
If you cannot keep your virtual coaching session:
⦁Your attendance is based on keeping both your learning and coaching sessions and showing the work you have done.  
⦁As required by law, students who miss three consecutive sessions/days or 80% of an instructional week will be provided additional supports. If non-participation continues, the student may be dropped from the program and returned to their home school. 
⦁You must phone or email your teacher before your appointment to reschedule.  
⦁We encourage parents/guardians to contact PVUSD Virtual Academy whenever they have questions or need information about their student or any school policy.
Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
The major objective of Independent Study is to provide a voluntary educational alternative for students.  Parents are always welcome and invited to attend the virtual coaching sessions with their child’s supervising teacher.  Usually students are more successful when parents are involved.  Parent/guardian responsibilities include:
⦁Supervise and review their child’s daily work, assignments and student evaluations
⦁Ensure that their child attends his/her virtual coaching sessions
⦁Confer regularly with the supervising teacher to discuss their child’s progress
⦁Review student’s Personalized Learning Plan