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VA School Counselor
Ms. Lisa Kellert

CTE Counselor
Ms. Sandi Solis-Maldonado

PVUSD Scholarship Coordinator
Ms. Nicole Morasca



Q: What is the best online resource to get information about the school?

A: The VA homepage and refer to the Student Handbook.


Q: How do I make an appointment with my School Counselor?

A: Email Ms. Kellert ( or call/text (831-288-3831)


Q: Why would I make an appointment with my School Counselor?

A: Ms. Kellert is here to support you with your academics and post-high school plans. With her help, create a 4-year high school plan with college/career options, review transcripts, both PVUSD graduation and A-G entrance requirements, college exams, select courses, create your schedule, and so much more! Ms. Kellert also oversees the Dual Enrollment with Cabrillo College, credit recovery, summer school, Seal of Biliteracy, and much more!


Q: Who do I talk to about my schedule and classes?

A: Your School Counselor! Email (preferred method) or call 831-288-3831. The last day to submit a request for class correction is the 10th school day of the semester. Classes dropped after the 10th school day will receive a Withdrawal/Fail (W/F) on transcript.


Q: What resources are available for more information about academics & counseling?

A: The VA homepage select “Academics & Counseling” tab. Search by grade level or other links available. This is updated often.


Q: How do I get information from the school?

A: Check your Synergy and PVUSD emails daily for emails from the school. Parents have their own Synergy accounts too. Check out the VA website often.


Q: How do I get technical/computer support?

A: Contact technical support, Mr. Juan Mendoza, for tech help with log in for emails, Synergy, BUZZ, etc.


Q: Where can I get academic support and tutoring?

A: There are two options:

  • Supervising Teacher-During your weekly PLP meeting ask for additional help!

  • Focus Groups-Join a focus group by subject area, there could be other students in the group and a different Supervising Teacher leading.


Q: How do I get a work permit?

A: Email Ms. Ancira directly or go to the VA campus in person to get the form from Ms. Ancira. Take the form to your employer and have them complete it by filling it out and signing it. Bring the completed form back to VA along with a copy of your Social Security Card. Ms. Ancira will process and issue the work permit!


Q: How do I join sports or clubs?

A: Join sports and clubs at your “home” school. Contact the Athletic Director for sports and the Activities Director for clubs.


Q: Who should I contact if I am going to miss my weekly PLP?

A: Contact your Supervising Teacher to inform them and reschedule.


Q: What is a PLP?

A: Every student creates a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) with the Supervising Teacher. The Principal and School Counselor collaborate with the Supervising Teacher on the creation of this plan. The Supervising Teacher uses the PLP as a gradebook and updates it weekly when you meet.


Q: Where parents/guardians get even more information about how to get started at VA?

A: Check this helpful resource here!


Q: What if my parent/guardian speaks another language?

A: The district has a language line phone service we can use to have conversations interpreted. Please do not hesitate to ask VA staff to use this service.


Q: Who should I contact if I have more questions?

A: Your School Counselor, Supervising Teacher or the school!