General Information


Virtual Academy is an Independent Study Program offered by Pajaro Valley Unified School District. The Mission is to provide a high-quality educational alternative for students and families wishing to have an online independent study experience with support from PVUSD certified teachers and staff who provide one-on-on instruction. Students will take their education beyond classroom walls with online elementary, middle, and high school courses. With engaging and interactive content available 24/7 from anywhere, our curriculum encourages students to master key concepts as they progress through grade level content.


La Academia Virtual PVUSD ofrece una alternativa educativa de alta calidad para las familias locales deseando tener una experiencia de estudio independiente en línea con el apoyo de maestros certificados de PVUSD y personal que brindan instrucción individual. Los estudiantes llevarán su educación más allá paredes del un salón con cursos en línea de primaria, secundaria y preparatoria. Con contenido atractivo e interactivo disponible 24/7 desde cualquier lugar, nuestro plan de estudios motiva a los estudiantes a dominar conceptos clave a medida que avanzan a través del contenido de nivel de grado.


We will develop self-motivated learners through collaborative and fluid learning environments which leads to success in life including college and career.


Desarrollaremos aprendices automotivados a través de entornos de aprendizaje colaborativos y fluidos que conducen al éxito en la vida, incluida la universidad y la carrera.


Academic Achievers who will:

Develop self-directed learner skills

Exhibit curiosity, creativity, and pursue their unique interests

Honor personal and academic commitments

Think critically and provide evidence to support a position

Meet or exceed proficiency of the CA State Common Core Standards

21st Century Learners who will:

Develop technology skills that enhance learning and college/career readiness

Exhibit the ability to manage, analyze and communicate data

Work collaboratively to solve problems with respect and integrity

Communicate clearly, both written and orally

Examine issues from different perspectives and multiple sources

Global Citizens who will:

Actively contribute to society at a local, state and national level

Communicate an awareness of diverse cultures

Demonstrate concern about larger world issues and propose solutions


  1. High Expectations—Promote trust, belief and confidence among all students, staff, families and community.

  2. Equity—Assure that all students have equitable access to resources and supports to promote success and guarantee that “All Means All.”

  3. Integrity—Inspire honesty, respectfulness and strong moral principles as demonstrated by our words and actions.

  4. Empowerment—Grow every day to become stronger and more confident to take ownership of who we are now and who we want to become.

  5. Sustained Excellence—Commit to using patience, grit and perseverance to consistently be our best selves.

  6. Innovation—Take calculated and creative risks and reflect on our words and actions to positively impact our students.


  1. Altas expectativas: promover la confianza, la creencia y confidencia entre todos los estudiantes, el personal, las familias y la comunidad.

  2. Equidad: asegurar que todos los estudiantes tengan acceso equitativo a recursos y apoyos para promover el éxito y garantizar que "Todos significa todos los estudiantes."

  3. Integridad: inspirar honestidad, respeto y principios morales fuertes como lo demuestran nuestras palabras y acciones.

  4. Empoderamiento: crecer cada día para ser más fuerte y tener más confianza para tomar posesión de lo que somos ahora y en lo que queremos llegar a ser.

  5. Excelencia sostenida: comprometernos a usar la paciencia, la determinación y la perseverancia para ser consistentemente nuestro mejor ser.

  6. Innovación: tomar riesgos calculados y creativos y reflexionar sobre nuestras palabras y acciones para impactar positivamente a nuestros estudiantes.